About Us

Transport Sales and Service has built a reputation as a reliable carrier with the right equipment, to deliver loads safely and on time. We have become specialized in hauling steel, We also haul lumber drywall and other commodities on flat bed trailers. We operate in the Hamilton to Windsor/Detroit Corridor and between Ontario, Quebec and the 48 states of the U.S.A.

The experience and training of our Driving staff shows up in our impressive safety record. The best piece of equipment in the world is just an inanimate object, unless driven by an experienced driver backed by a dedicated administration staff. Of course our employees have their own support teams at home, and over the years we have included families in such activities as picnics, golf tournaments, truck shows and other family oriented events.

Transport Sales and Service has a large customer base. We value our reputation of providing reliable service and having good communication with our customers. Our Dispatchers have lots of experience arranging pickups and deliveries all over North America. Our computerized dispatch system and experienced administration staff keep the paperwork straight and wrinkle free.

Transport Sales and Service has a 13 acre yard in Caledonia Ontario, which is our Home Base. We have over sixty company tractors with more than 110 trailers. Our Continuous Improvement program has resulted in our fleet being equipped with satellite tracking. The highway equipment is maintained by our own professional Maintenance staff that handles all repairs.